Weight, Weight, Don’t tell me.

As part of my diet plan, I have been food diarying daily and tracking weight weekly. I have made it through the holiday season but gained a pound along the way… But I’m glad I let the carbs back into the diet.

I have found the food diary helps a lot to keep me focused on the quantity, and quality, of food and drink I am imbibing.

Great Sand Dunes, CO

A letter to my rep

Dear Mr. Lamborn,

I have been hearing disturbing rumors that Congress is looking to get rid of my health care plan. I would not appreciate that. I need affordable health care to survive in this world. And by affordable, I mean a plan that provides me health care for less than 20% of my income. (10% would be optimal)

I understand one of your compatriots implemented a pretty good health care plan in Massachusetts a few years ago. Romneycare, I think it was called. Maybe you should try rolling this out on a national level if you aren’t satisfied with the current Affordable Care plan.

I would also remind you of the Preface of the Constitution that you just read and swore to defend; one of the purposes of this country is to promote the general Welfare. I think a federal healthcare insurance plan would go a long way towards that promotion.

And, consider adding dental to the overall plan. I think that good dental health is important to good overall health.


Jack Heneghan

How much does a cup weigh?

This looks like an interesting site.


A cup of carrots does weigh different than a cup of apples which is a different weight than a cup of bacon. I am finding that using the weight of an ingredient is much more specific than ‘cups’.

I have a scale and I am not afraid to use it!