Frex – Fares & Tickets.

I was just wondering what it would take to commute to Denver.  Just in case…

I worked out that a 75 mile trip in a car that gets 30 mpg (which is a bit more than my PT Cruiser gets, but it is the 2011 CAFE standard) would run me about $8.75 per trip (2.5 gallons @ $3.50 a gallon).  Looking at the FREX prices and adding in that someone else will be driving, using the bus is a very affordable option. And since I would be leaving from the Monument stop, it is even a better deal.  The main problem would be if I had to go somewhere far away from the FREX route.  But I think Denver has a pretty comprehensive local transit system.

And with free wi-fi on the Bus, I can stay connected if I decide not to sleep.