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The Equation of Time

I was looking at my calendar and noticed that the Winter Solstice is coming up Dec 21. Then I noticed that the time of sunset on the solstice is not the earliest  amongst the days nearby. And the time of sunrise is not the latest. Indeed, looking over the various sunrise and sunset times, it turns out that the earliest sunset was in the period of December 3-10 – 16:37  in Colorado Springs – and the latest sunrise occurs from December 31 – January 10 – 7:18. But the Solstice is still the shortest day, longest night of the year. (9:26, 14:34 hrs). Most peculiar, one would intuitively think that the shortest day would have the latest sunrise and the earliest sunset.  Something was wrong and I needed to find out.  So I went to Google.  

It turns out that others have noticed this phenomenon before and have an explanation of it. I like this explanation – he said analemma. The US Naval Observatory was not quite as detailed but did summarize it nicely- Declination and The Equation of Time.

I still have a hard time visualizing the spacial relationships. What I need is a picture – no… no…  doesn’t help…

Cookie Monster

I hadn’t realized how insidious these trackers have become. This WSJ article discusses how cookies have grown since their Netscape days. There is also a link to a tool that tells you who has what installed on a domain site, about half way down the article.

Is there advertising on web pages? I should probably pay more attention and be less oblivious.

That was fast

Elaine posted a link on how to use leftover Netflix flaps and I surprised her 5 minutes later with this:

Netflix Tray Origami
Netflix Tray Origami

I have a few extra flaps laying around.

I also wanted to show off my new monitor, a Samsung 943BWX. It has a 16:10 aspect ration and you can rotate the screen so you get a profile instead landscape presentation. Very neat. As you can see on the screen, I was able to get the equivalent of two screens of the origami instructions at one time.

Elaine was rather surprised at how easy it was to configure the X11 file to rotate the display and to have it actually work.

Note to self- don’t use a black-sided flap for the origami if you are going to take a picture of it.

A New Cross Poster

My old Cross Posting application seemed to stop working when I upgraded to the latest version of Word Press, so I am trying a new one:

Live+Press allows WordPress posts to be automatically crossposted to a LiveJournal user blogs. This fork of the plugin is licensed under GPLv3. All contributions and suggestions are welcome. More plugin details and help can be found at the plugin home page on google code. Originally written by Jason Goldsmith By Tania Morell (aka digsite).

The old one was

LiveJournal Comments 1.0.3

This plugin displayes a number of comments in posts crossposted to LiveJournal. You can see how if works here. By Alexander Bishop.

Dinner Party

I was listening to the Thomas Jefferson Hour this past weekend and the question was asked about what four people Thomas Jefferson would have for a dinner party. The select party was Isaac Newton, John Locke, Francis Bacon and Maria Cosway. An interesting group to be sure.

That leads me to wonder who I might invite. I think I will start with a longer list and then try to trim it down.

    Eleanor of Aquitaine
    I Newton
    F Bacon
    J Locke
    T Jefferson
    M Twain
    C Darwin
    A Huxley
    GB Shaw
    J Maxwell
    A Einstein
    O Wilde
    T Roosevelt
    E Roosevelt
    B Cosby
    B Fuller
    F Nietzsche
    FL Wright
    HG Wells
    L Da Vinci
    C Sagan
    I Asimov
    D Parker

Start a list like this and there is always someone else bubbling to the top. Time to stop it and trim