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Unclear on concept

I and looking at a recipe for some bread I plan to bake and I see the following times noted:

crusty bread
Prep time 
Cook time 
Total time 
No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread – no kneading required, 4 simple ingredients, baked in a Dutch Oven! The result is simple perfection, hands down the best bread you’ll ever eat!
What they fail to take into account is the 12-18 hours needed to let the dough set up after mixing in the flour, salt, yeast, and water. You are not going to have a delicious loaf of bread in 50 minutes!


Paul Krugman mentioned this a month ago:

Oppose the Putin regime, and you’re likely to be imprisoned or dead.

Donald is learning from his master.

A little tax

I wonder  that would be the effect on quick-time stock sales if there was a transaction tax on each stock sale equal to $1/number of seconds the security has been held. If you hold a stock for 1 second it is a $1 tax. If you hold a stock for 1/100000 of a second it is a $100,000 tax. If you hold a stock for 10 seconds it is a dime tax.

This would be a per stock tax with the proceeds going to the SEC for enforcement.


If they are going to be labeling Genetically Modified food stuffs, and are concerned that the labels are going to scare people, why don’t they add “USDA Approved” to the label. ( I certainly hope the USDA is approving the basic foods in our grocery stores.) That should get rid of the GMO scare for folks that don’t know what GMO is all about and still contain the alert for those that are concerned about GMO.