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Looks like things are progressing in Colorado Springs. From Gary, a friend-

Events for Progressives in Colorado Springs

Tuesday Feb. 7 10:30 at Senator Cory Gardner’s Co. Springs office

Tuesday Feb 7, 5:30 Together Colorado Springs meeting, Stargazer Theatre

Friday, February 10 Colorado Springs Feminists 7:00 PM
“Are Human Rights Women’s Rights”

Saturday, Feb 11, 2:00 PM First Strike Theatre at Seeds Cafe.


Tuesday Feb 7 10:30 AM- 12pm
102 N. Tejon Ste. 930, Colorado Springs, CO

Join us in visiting Senator Gardner’s office to resist Trump! We’ll arrange to speak with a staffer about what ever topic has your blood boiling that day. Last week we had almost 100 people gathered on the sidewalk, and cycling through the office in groups of 10.
While waiting for our turn, we’ll keep the street active with sign waving and Chanting. Bring a drum, a whistle, a small flag to wave, a list of great chants you have been hearing.

Tuesday, Feb 7 5:30 PM, Stargazer Theatre 10 S. Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, near Pikes Peak Street.

Announcement meeting for new non-partisan Political Action group, “Together Colorado Springs” (TCOS). Founded by CS Independent creator, John Weiss and several liberal community leaders, the group planned to have a paid staff helping to get progressive and liberal causes toward the top of local agendas.
There will be music, powerful speeches and other entertainment. They are asking $30 per person admission, but also promising that no one will be turned away if they can’t pay that amount.

Friday, CS Feminists “Are Human Rights Women’s Rights”.

Hosted by the Colorado Springs Feminists 7:00 PM
Private Residence 2727 N. Tejon , Colorado Springs,

Why do we fight for “women’s rights” if they’re encompassed by broader “human rights”? We’ll kick off the second installment of our Discussion Series with this question, and peel back the layers of these terms and their implications. No need to have attended the first installment to attend this one! Optional readings to inform the discussion are below.

Optional readings:
“Women’s Rights are Human Rights” Hillary Clinton, 1995, at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.

“Are Women’s Rights Human Rights?” by Rosie Walters, 2013, available at


Saturday, February 11, 2017 2:00 PM Seeds Community Cafe

109 E Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO (edit map)

Co. Springs’ own “First Strike Theatre” will present a lively and funny show feature local actors,
and custom written songs to fit our current political mess. They will do 2 shows, 2:15 and 3:15 . The event is Free. They might ask for donations??
The event is to “Celebrate” the birth day of “Raw Toos”, a non-profit that encourages turning guns into useful items that don’t kill people. There will be two performances, at 2:15 and 3:15 on Saturday, Feb 11 at Seeds Community Cafe at 109 E. Pikes Peaks. Its a small place, so place to arrive early.
If the drumbeat of bad news has been getting you down, come to this show and spend some time laughing about Mary Springer-Forse’s unique way of writing, and singing, about our current mess.

A letter to my rep

Dear Mr. Lamborn,

I have been hearing disturbing rumors that Congress is looking to get rid of my health care plan. I would not appreciate that. I need affordable health care to survive in this world. And by affordable, I mean a plan that provides me health care for less than 20% of my income. (10% would be optimal)

I understand one of your compatriots implemented a pretty good health care plan in Massachusetts a few years ago. Romneycare, I think it was called. Maybe you should try rolling this out on a national level if you aren’t satisfied with the current Affordable Care plan.

I would also remind you of the Preface of the Constitution that you just read and swore to defend; one of the purposes of this country is to promote the general Welfare. I think a federal healthcare insurance plan would go a long way towards that promotion.

And, consider adding dental to the overall plan. I think that good dental health is important to good overall health.


Jack Heneghan

information warfare

Jim Wright makes a lot of sense of a muddled field.

(I wonder how this will present itself when it is copied to the other platforms I share to?)

And here are some weapons for the war –

The Colorado Ballot

I have some interesting choices to make regarding the Colorado ballot this year.

Amendment 69 is to set up universal health for Colorado residents. While I support the concept, the wording of the amendment is such that there isn’t a lot a flexibility setting things up and tweaking parts to make it workable. So I will have to vote NO this time around. I think it would be better to set up a referendum to order the State legislature to implement a universal health care program so the details could be addressed properly.

Amendment 71 is an amendment to amend the amendment process in Colorado. It currently requires 5% of the number of voters who voted for the Secretary of State in the sate of Colorado to get an amendment on the ballot. This would change that to require at least 2% of the voters in each State legislative district to get an amendment on the ballot. I can see in principle that this helps distribute the amendment process across the state and stops the larger urban areas from dominating the amendment process, but, to require all 35 districts to sign up to get the amendment on the ballot seems too restrictive. I would approve if 2/3 of the districts were on board with an amendment, 100% seems a bit unrealistic.

And there are two propositions to set up party primaries that are open to unaffiliated voters. This doesn’t seem right. Colorado political parties currently use caucuses to select their slates.  You have to be a registered member of the party to caucus with them. And the parties are supposed to pay for the caucuses themselves. The primaries are for the parties to select their slates under the auspices of state and county funding. Why do you want to allow people who are not affiliated with the party to be involved with the selection of the party’s candidates? And why should the state be funding the activities of private organizations? Proposition 107 covers the presidential primary. Proposition 108 is for non-presidential primaries and  does allow the party to opt-out of the open primary.

Some choices to make. All the other amendments and propositions look good – Minimum Wage hikes, Tobacco taxes, Medical aid-in-dying.

In Colorado we have 22 parties vying for the presidency on the ballot and another 6 that are registered write-ins. So there are a lot of choices. The annoying part of all those parties running for President, though, is that very few to none are putting up candidates for any other offices at the local, state, or federal level.  (The Senate race has 7 candidates/1 write-in, and the District 5 Representative race has 3 candidates/1 write-in.) You have to dig deep to find those write-ins.

Tomorrow I vote.






Paul Krugman mentioned this a month ago:

Oppose the Putin regime, and you’re likely to be imprisoned or dead.

Donald is learning from his master.

What do I want in a Republic?

What is a Republic?

A Republic is a representative democracy where citizens elect representatives to pass legislation to govern the nation, establishing the rules of law. The people are the sovereign and their representatives should represent the people. In the great experiment of the United States, over the centuries, we have begun to drift from the original representative democracy to where the representatives more represent corporations and moneyed interests.

In the United States we also elect a President to execute the laws passed by our representatives. The President is NOT a representative of the people.

I submit some suggestions to improve the Republic.

1) Each Representative will represent no more than 100,000 citizens. The current constitution sets a lower limit of 30,000 citizens per representative, but no upper limit.

2) There will be 6 Senators elected from each state. Each Senatorial election will select the top three vote-getters on the ballot to be a Senator from that state, with 1/3 of the Senate being replaced every two years.

3) No Congress critter may serve consecutive terms in the same office, i.e. Representative or Senator. (If someone wanted to be a professional pol, they could go on a run of Rep, Sen, Rep, Sen, Rep, and serve 18 consecutive years in Congress.)

4) Federal Judicial appointments are not for life but will end after 20 years on the bench or when the Justice turns 70 years of age or by impeachment.

5) Every 24 years, the citizens will vote on whether to retain the current Constitution. A majority vote will retain the current Constitution. A Constitutional Convention will be called in the event of a failure to retain.

6) The Electoral College will be disbanded. The President and Vice-President will be elected by citizens in a direct election.


This was inspired by an episode of The Thomas Jefferson Hour.

Getting your money’s worth

It occurs to me that people who make large amounts of annual income in the United States do so because of the general infrastructure that the US provides. All the way from easy transport, financial support, security protections, and a stable business environment, along with a lot of other good things. People who can take advantage of all these positives, demonstrated by increasingly large incomes, don’t think they should pay for it. Let the working stiffs, who are barely surviving from paycheck to paycheck, who aren’t benefiting from the glorious infrastructure that America provides, pay the bulk of the cost. This doesn’t seem fair or equitable.

Debating Points

I would like to see the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate moderators ask the debaters about how they would move forward with:

  • forming a more perfect Union
  • establishing Justice
  • insuring domestic Tranquility
  • providing for the common defence
  • promoting the general Welfare
  • securing the Blessings of Liberty

Bonus points for knowing where these discussion items come from.