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Just thinking about the ‘greatness’ of the American Presidents and how they might be ranked.  Here is my top few, based on nothing but my impressions of which one’s are responsible for the positive view of our country today. They enhanced the original vision and made it better. A few went in the opposite direction. Most were just Chief Executives and did what they were supposed to do.


  1. Washington
  2. Lincoln
  3. FD Roosevelt
  4. Jefferson
  5. T Roosevelt


  1. GW Bush
  2. Reagan
  3. John Adams
  4. Nixon
  5. Wilson

I am still undecided about Jackson. He either goes on the first list or the second. Leaning towards the first, but he really promoted an imperialistic America. I have the same problem with Teddy.

Why is Washington number 1? Because he walked away from it all after eight years. He limited the office of the President and became the role model for future generations.