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Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Burning Man! – YouTube.

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Frex – Fares & Tickets.

I was just wondering what it would take to commute to Denver.  Just in case…

I worked out that a 75 mile trip in a car that gets 30 mpg (which is a bit more than my PT Cruiser gets, but it is the 2011 CAFE standard) would run me about $8.75 per trip (2.5 gallons @ $3.50 a gallon).  Looking at the FREX prices and adding in that someone else will be driving, using the bus is a very affordable option. And since I would be leaving from the Monument stop, it is even a better deal.  The main problem would be if I had to go somewhere far away from the FREX route.  But I think Denver has a pretty comprehensive local transit system.

And with free wi-fi on the Bus, I can stay connected if I decide not to sleep.

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Because I like liked “Red Dwarf”, “Dead Like You” and “Buffy” Netflix is suggesting “Coupling”, the UK version. I don’t think their suggestion algorithm works well.

I have seen “Coupling” and it is another one of those ensemble sitcoms in which characters compete to do the most embarrassing thing in 30 or 40 minutes.  Even if the show has great writers, I do not subject myself to that level of ‘comedy’ regularly.

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Chiron Beta Prime – YouTube.

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Boing Boing Charitable Giving Guide, 2011 edition – Boing Boing.


A good list of charities to consider. Some of them I already support and there are a few new ones of interest to look into.

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Why @PayPal is wrong regarding @Regretsy, according to their own policies. « greengeekgirl.

After reading the story of the Regretsy nightmare with PayPal, I would like to find some alternative to PayPal to handle my on-line micro-finance needs.  I am especially alarmed at the idea that PayPal can freeze my account for 6 months on the whim of an employee.  If I ever decide to put a “Donate” button on my web page, it won’t be with PayPal.


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Search the page  for “Versatile tool of questionable quality” for an excellent review.

via Customer Reviews: Black & Decker GR100 Family-Sized Electric Nonstick Griddle.

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The $7 trillion secret loan program: The government and big banks should be punished for deceiving the public about their hush-hush bailout scheme. – Slate Magazine.

We really do need to give the banks and the bankers ( and their aiders and abettors) a fair trial. Except they seem to be fighting it tooth and nail all the way.

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This Creeping Underwater Ice Tornado Kills Everything It Touches.

I agree with one of the comments that this really is not a tornado.  Impressive nonetheless. I was not familiar with this phenomenon.

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LG Optimus Hyper Facade in Berlin – Long Version – YouTube.

One of the advantages of living in the big city…

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