Nutrients in tea

I am trying to find out more on the nutrients in tea, since I drink quite a lot of it, and I am running into a confusing issue. My tea bags weigh in at ~2.2 g per bag.  From one source, I am seeing that would be about 22 mg of potassium per gram of tea.  So, 2.2 g per bag would be ~50 mg of potassium per bag.  I have always thought it was supposed to be 1 bag per cup. My tea bag box says 1 serving makes 8 fluid ounces per bag.  I stretch it a bit and use one bag for ~ 14 ounces of boiling water in my travel mug. But, I figure that I will get all 50 mg in my cup.

Then I come to a site like this that presents the nutrition information for tea in fluid measures. Here they are saying 100 ml of brewed tea has 88 mg of potassium. Does that mean they used 2 tea bags to brew 100 ml of tea? 1 cup of brewed tea is 240 ml and it has 211 mg of K. (K is the atomic abbreviation for Potassium). Did they use 4 teabags to brew a cup of tea?

So, if the tea bag has a finite amount of K and water shouldn’t be adding anything to the mix, why does a cup of tea have so much more K than the bag.

And it isn’t just this site. Most of the sites I have seen seem to have a lot more K  per cup than in the bag.  No, actually, they seem to be all over the place.