Things to Remember

Just because you get an error message from flickr saying it can’t upload a picture to your blog doesn’t mean it’s true.  Check your blog first to see if it really happened before retrying, getting the same error message and retrying again and then finding out you have a boatload of photos in your blog all with the same look and comment. Just a different time-stamp. (unless you were really fast on the retry button.)

Do you know how tedious it is to delete a post  in this blog?

Snow Snafu

Snow Snafu, originally uploaded by FiveAcres.

Oh Look, I can post photos from other Flickrs. It’s a lot easier to dig snow if you have a small tractor with bucket up front.

The road to Scotland

The road to Scotland, originally uploaded by rockycoloradan.

The Giant’s Causeway – An interesting rock formation on the north coast of Ireland. I understand there is a corresponding formation on the Scottish coast.


Your basic Republican politician is trying to increase their net worth.

Your basic Democratic politician is trying to increase their net worth, while promoting some public good.

Or am I being too cynical?