Can these crashers save this party?

Can these crashers save this party? – San Francisco magazine, May 2006.
A lot of interesting concepts in this bit, including MoveOn and cognitive linguistics. It will be interesting to see what the Rockridge Institute produces.

Since I don’t consider myself a Democrat, I will leave it up to the party faithful to coordinate and consolidate their message/platform.

Either way, I don’t expect to vote for or support anyone who has gotten into bed with Rupert Murdoch, which includes all Republicans.

And then there is the ultimate rub:

… the agenda. Progressive leaders, latte drinking and otherwise, have no trouble telling the world what they’re against but more difficulty describing what they’re for. Man or woman, black or white, they will readily discuss the need for bold new ideas, but the ideas themselves are in short supply.

The Republicans of the past didn’t have much trouble articulating what they were against, but they also had a list of what they were for. (I don’t think they’ve delivered on much, or any, of it at the federal level, but that’s another story.)