Questions for a potential Representative

Jay Fawcett has dropped in on the Drinking Liberally crowd several times in the past few months. Jay is planning to run for Congress as a Democrat, in a district that is registered as 46% Republican and votes over 60% Republican. I think there is one elected Democratic official in the entire area covered by Colorado’s 5th Congressional District. He was just elected as a state representative of the largely liberal Manitou Springs district, and it was a squeaker (before that there hadn’t been any elected Democrats in the 5th Congressional for ten years or more, I think.)
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Does being a Gold Medal Winner mean that you have to be effusively communicative with the people whom paid $600M to broadcast the games?

NBC’s interview with Shani Davis after he won the gold medal in the 1000 meter skating event was disgusting at best.

I don’t think anyone is obligated to provide the media with an interview (unless contractually obligated, I know that the pros can get dinged for not giving interviews, but I don’t think Olympic Athletes are supposed to qualify as Pros) and I don’t think the media should even attempt to prejudge why an interviewee may or may not be responsive to the interviewer.

On hiatus

Well, it has been a while since my last post. I’ve taken to drinking liberally, at least on odd Tuesdays. I also helped run a small SF convention.

In retrospect, I am not sure what I’ve been doing. I’ve discovered soduko, amazing how that will suck out your time.

Playing with the computer, trying to get MythTV working. More on that later in a geek posting.

Trying to get the books in order for income tax time.

Following the trials and tribulations of Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Sometimes the system can be so wrong.

And watching football playoffs, preparing forthe 2006 baseball season and trying to rip my music collection using MusicBrainz. Amazing how many CDs I have that aren’t in their database.

And now, it is off to a Linux Users Group.