Randy Johnson pitched a complete game, 9 innings; got 9 Ks; gave up only 2 runs (both earned); and took the loss. The vaunted New York Yankees couldn’t even score 1 run in support of Johnson’s effort. This is what makes pitchers so frustrating.

My Chicago reliefers pitched 3 innings of good scoreless baseball, the White Sox lost when the rest of the relief committee failed in extra innings.

So, I had good pitching tonight, just not the optimal results. No Wins, No Saves, good Ks, good ERA, good Ratio. The hitters thought it was early April. 38 At Bats/5 hits/.132 AVG.

Good Night.

The Return

Ken Harvey has returned from the Minors. So, on Monday, I shall reactivate him, throwing Travis Lee back into the pool. Travis hasn’t been playing up to his full potential, so I will be glad to give Ken a chance. The Player Notes indicate he should be playing every day.

Speaking of Potential, I was just looking over my outfield, which I was very proud to draft.

Torii Hunter is not a .237 hitter (Career .267)
Aaron Rowand is not a .253 hitter (Career .290)
Shannon Stewart is not a .264 hitter (Career .303)
Manny Ramirez is not a .273 hitter (Career .316)
Gary Sheffield is not a .349 hitter, (Career .298) so he is living past expectations (but no reason to slack off).

I wouldn’t mind if Sheffield came back to Earth if the others would come back to their career numbers. But, maybe, Gary is going for his breakout season after 20 years in the majors.

Yahoo! Sports – MLB – Box Score

Yahoo! Sports – MLB – Box Score

Not sure what to make of this. Lohse was taken out at the end of the 4th inning. Nope, If I read the Play-by-play carefully, he was relieved after hiiting the first batter in the fifth and then letting a wild pitch advance him to second. Then he was relieved. Since there was no out it just shows him pitching 4 innings. And he gave up the three runs in the third. At least the reliever kept that hit batter from scoring.

Either way, Lohse appears to be a lohse cannon. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone better to replace him with.

I checked in on Speier, he still hasn’t settled down. They pulled him before he did too much damage.

I still have Millwood and Meche starting tonight. I wonder what the ERA will end up at?

Week 3

A rather surprising week. My hittters averaged .3333 for the week, driving the team average into first place. My 8 starts resulted in 3 wins, one of which was a victory in relief, so it is fair to say my 8 starts resulted in 2 wins. Looks like I have 8 starts projected for this week., with Colon getting 2 starts. I hope this short time off has helped Lohse’s control.

I am submitting a Free Agent Move on Hermanson, planning to drop Speier. I don’t expect it will go, but I will give it a shot in case the other owners missed the opportunity.

The numbers:

    HR 10; LA 8.0; Pts 4.5:
    R 55; LA 39.5l; Pts 10:
    RBI 58; LA37.4; Pts 10:
    AVG .333; LAA .278; Pts 10:
    SB 9; LA 5.3; Pts 10:

    W 3; LA 3.6; Pts 8.5:

    S 1; LA 2; Pts 2.5:
    K 44; LA39.2; Pts 10:
    ERA 4.32; LAA 3.76; Pts 5:
    WHIP 1.22; LAA 1.28; Pts 7:

With a total of 77.5 points I am well into first place. But, it is still only April and 1st place don’t count for nothing until October. Actually, 1st place is a detriment since, when selecting Free Agents and Replacement players, preference goes in reverse order of the standings.

Sat Morning

6.0 Innings, 9 hits, 8 runs, 7 earned runs, 5 walks, 3 strike outs, 32 batters faced, 10.50 ERA, 2.33 WHIP

My Starting pitcher gave up 5 runs in his first inning. Speier came in in relief and gave up 2 earned runs before being removed without even an out. 0.0 innings, that gives him an infinite ERA. He is not helping his cause to remain on my team. At least Marte came in for the last inning without damage, but he didn’t get a save because the White Sox had a pretty big lead.


3 starts, 2 losses and 1 no-decision. They pitched 17.333 innings, gave up 9 earned runs on 21 hits and 7 walks. That results in an ERA of 4.68 and a WHIP of 1.62. The no-decision guy left the game with a two run lead, but the bullpen didn’t keep the lead and the Indians ended up losing in 10 innings. I’m no longer in the lead in Wins, getting passed by two other owners last night.

Saving whatever

I see that Shingo Takatsu is no longer the ace closer for the White Sox. With a 12.16 ERA I can see why. Amazing that he got three saves already.

Looks like the White Sox are going to close by committee and Damaso Marte is on that committee. So I may end up with more saves than originally planned. Another member of that committee, Dustin Hermanson, is a Free Agent. No other UBL team has him. Is it worth my while to make a move for him? Since I never planned to make a run at saves, Dustin is a bit of excess luggage. It’s not like that, even between Marte and Hermanson, I will get enough saves by the end of the season to get more than 5 points in the category. There are other members of the committee. DH does have some good ERA and WHIP numbers though. And picking up some saves makes him a top prospect.

Question is: who do I exchange him for? Speier is my other setup reliever, and the natural candidate, but I have high hopes that he will end up as the ace Toronto closer in a few months. I like my approach of having 7 starters on my staff. This gives me the best opportunity to keep W and K numbers up. On the other hand, dumping someone like Lohse will help my ERA and WHIP numbers.

I don’t have to decide until Monday, so I will keep an eye on it. As the first place owner, I get last choice to select a FA, if any one else is considering this move, so it might be worth a non-commital gamble. (Is it really worth the $5 a Free Agent Move costs?)