Case Sensitivity


I had added my picture to the top of the menu bar but it wouldn’t display. And it worked on my Windows PC when I set it up. But the Word Press server is on a Linux box and Unix is case sensitive. So, the capitalized PNG in my picture file is not the same as the small png in my code. I think it is fixed now.

Windows is oblivious to case and is a dangerous tool to edit with unless you are going to put the results on a Windows Server.

If everything is looking right, the ‘rap’ (where this text is) should be in TAN, the header area (where the logo is) should be GREEN, the menu to the left should be a PALE YELLLOW and the body background should be a repeated green Celtic Knot motif. Please let me know if you see something different.

Next, I shall try to create a menu header module that will contain my picture and some text commentary.